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Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring matches children ages 5 through 16 with mentors in professionally supported mentoring relationships. We have volunteer programs in our community here in Mid-Ohio.

Making the Connection

Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring has a variety of volunteer opportunities available.

Matches come together through our two essential programs:

  • Community-based Mentoring : For as little as an hour a week, Mentors and Kids meet in their community to share fun activities … stories … and a little bit of themselves. Learn more »
  • High School Bigs Mentoring : Mentors and kids meet once a week in school or community centers, to talk and have fun. It’s not about being a tutor … it’s about being a friend. Learn more »

 How a Volunteer becomes a Mentor (and a Child a Mentee)

A lot of things have to happen before we make a match. After a person expresses an interest in our volunteer opportunities, all our volunteers go through a thorough background check and careful interview process. Then we match Mentors and Kids based on location, personalities, and preferences. We provide full support for our volunteer programs along the way — so that matches can grow into lasting friendships.

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What Mentors and Mentees Do

Getting together is a great time for both volunteers and the kids. It doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activities; just a few hours every month sharing simple things you already enjoy with a young person. Things like….

  • Shooting hoops
  • Playing a board game
  • Sharing a pizza
  • Taking a walk in the park
  • Or just hanging out and talking

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Your donation will make a difference

Calls come in every day from parents, teachers, and guidance counselors. They know what a difference a mentor can make in a child’s life. Your gift can help make a huge impact for children in your local community by:

  • Helping us to recruit new volunteer mentors
  • Ensuring that trained professionals match children to caring and responsible mentors
  • Offering one-on-one, ongoing supervision and support for every match
  • Providing cultural and social activities to enrich the opportunities for children

And 93% of every dollar you give goes directly to making and supporting matches; the remainder covers overall program administration.

Think about a child who has wished for a mentor. Someone to have fun with and confide in. Someone to be a role-model. A guide. A friend. Now … think of how your gift could make a difference in that child’s life.

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