Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring

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Serving Richland, Ashland & Crawford Counties - Formerly known as Big Brothers Big Sisters

More info about the reason for our name changeclick here to download a FAQ sheet

Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring has been providing youth mentoring services for the past 22 years.  We feel these years have brought us much knowledge and understanding of how changing and evolving is the best way to meet the needs of today's youth.

We are excited to announce a change that will bring greater opportunities to the youth we serve through our mentoring programs.  Our change didn't come lightly; after much discussion and careful consideration, the Board of Directors and Executive Director has decided to disaffiliate from Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  This means we have discontinued our relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters, but are excited to continue our same mentoring programs as Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring.

Why are you changing your name to Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring? Our 22-year relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) has been positive and their program is exceptional. BBBSA has changed their business model, and those changes will institute minimum requirements to be an affiliated agency. The changes included: a minimum number of full time employees per agency, and a much larger budget than can be sustained by small agencies such as ours. The new model proposed by BBBSA would not be viable here, but we felt we could not close our doors because our outcome studies have shown that the mentoring we offer improves the lives of the kids we serve, and ultimately makes our community stronger. 

Will your programming change? No, Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring programming will look the same as it has in the past, just without the affiliation to Big Brothers Big Sisters.  It's important to note that the name change will not affect our service delivery and quality of service.  Our top priority is, and always will be, the children and young people we serve.  We want to assure all our community supporters, our volunteers, and the families of the children in our care that the name is all that will change.  We will not sacrifice the safety of the children we serve, nor the supervision of our matches, and will continue to use the same rigorous background checks, interview processes, and support systems we have always used. We will apply the knowledge and expertise we gained from our former relationship with BBBSA and will continue to offer our life-changing relationships to the youth in our community.  We are excited to be able to continue to provide quality, professionally supported mentoring to the youth of our community. 

Will staff change? No, our staff will not change. Jim Nicholson, our Executive Director has worked with BBBS for 17 years, and with just a simple name change, will continue to offer our quality mentoring services. Jim will continue as the Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring Executive Director, and Thelda Dillon and Lindsay Coulter as Enrollment and Support Specialists.

Our Need...
There are currently more than 65 kids in our community waiting to be matched to a mentor. These children are referred to our agency by a variety of sources (schools, parents, counselors, etc...) and each one needs a caring adult mentor willing to spend just a little bit of time with them each month. Someone who is willing to talk to them, listen to what they have to say, recognize the child's inner potential and nurture it. It is this kind of relationship and time that can redirect the course of a child's future. It can be done without spending lots of time or money. If you have 4 hours per month that you spend doing fun, or even what you consider mundane, everyday activities, and are able to take a child along with you for company, you could impact that child's life. Please help us change the way children grow up in our community.

The Mission...
The Mission of Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring, Inc., is to provide youth in our community with a mentor that supports, encourages, and provides opportunities, that will help them achieve success in life.

The Vision...
The Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring vision is that all children have the help they need to succeed in life.