About Us

Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring - (Formerly known as Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Central Ohio)

380 N. Mulberry St.

Mansfield, OH 44902

Our mentoring programs have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of young people. Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring mentors children, ages 5 through 16, in communities across mid-Ohio, and have been doing so for 23 years.

The Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring Mission

Our mission is to provide youth in our community with a mentor that supports, encourages, and provides opportunities, that will help them achieve success in life.

The Mid-Ohio Youth Mentoring Vision

Our vision is that all children have the help they need to succeed in life

Our Mentoring Programs Work

National research has shown that positive relationships between youth and their mentors have a direct and measurable impact on children's lives. Local Research shows that the kids with a Mentor show real differences in their personal and academic lives. Here in North Central Ohio, an evaluation is done every year.  Last year the following is what was reported by our volunteers and parents about the kids in our program:

  • 84% of the children were reported to have increased their self-confidence
  • 83% were said to be able to express thier feelings better
  • 86% were reported to be able to show more trust toward their parent and volunteer
  • 66% had a better attitude toward school
  • 58% actually increased thier school performance
  • 60% got along better with their peers and families